MP stands for Matched Precipitation. What this means is every head is going to “automatically”, put out the same amount of water to the targeted area. These heads can be bullet proof when it comes to the application of water, if properly installed. Along with the matched precipitation benefits and the slow distribution rate, they are ideal for any soil type, plant type, and turf. Irrigation systems can be designed for matched precipitation with conventional rotors and sprays, but I am here to tell you, it is almost never done. As a matter of fact, there is a high percentage that your lawn and landscape, has the same sprinkler head and nozzle throughout your lawn. When you think about a conventional rotor head making its rotation back and forth, you know that the rotor in the 90 degree adjustment will make two rotations before the 180 degree rotor makes one. But yet they have the same nozzle? I can say this with confidence that most lawns get all the same pre nozzled rotor. This pre nozzeld rotor makes up the highest percentage of rotor head sales, therefore, this is what is installed in your lawn and landscape. While I am not blaming the manufacturer for making these heads pre nozzeld or even the irrigation contractor for buying them. This is just a simple case of making work easier, by taking the one glove fits all approach. This lack of knowledge across the irrigation industry stems from irrigators not fully understanding water distribution. I will admit when I first entered the industry I was out there installing pre nozzeld rotors, it was a standard. It wasn’t till later when I started to understand the relationship between the application of water and what the plants, turf, and soil properly needed. The Hunter MP Rotators have changed the industry by designing a head that is self calibrated to put out .4 inches an hour, regardless the degree of adjustment or the length of distribution. Here at BrightWater Irrigation and Lighting, we are happy to say we offer the high-efficiency MP Rotators as an upgrade to any irrigation system, and as for new sprinkler system installs, we only use the MP Rotators. Not only are the MP Rotators the highest efficiency sprinkler head on the market, they also can reduce your water consumption. Call us today for a free consultation.