With water being a precious resource, we all need to use with care. Drip irrigation or low-volume irrigation, delivers water directly to the root zone of the plant material. This method of irrigation provides better control of the water applied, resulting in water savings. Drip irrigation distributes water at a rate of .4 – .9 gallons per hour. This allows the water to enter into the soil at a rate it can be received. Your traditional overhead sprinkler heads typically deliver water at a much higher distribution rate, resulting in water run off. With drip irrigation there is minimal effect on the application from environmental conditions such as wind and evaporation, as the water is typically being delivered under mulch, rock, or other landscape coverings. When drip is installed per manufactures specifications, it is very beneficial. The next time you landscape your lawn, or if your looking for a way to conserve water, install Drip-Irrigation in your landscape beds. Call us for details on how your irrigation system can be serviced to conserve water both in the landscape beds and turf!