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Every healthy lawn starts with a great sprinkler system. Ensuring you have the right sprinkler heads for the targeted areas, is crucial in developing a healthy lawn. With Florida’s extreme weather, a few days without proper irrigation can cause months of damage to your lawn and landscape. BrightWater not only is concerned with all your sprinkler heads working, but most importantly we want to ensure you have the proper coverage and application of water. This perspective sets us apart from the average irrigation and lighting company. With our horticulture backyard we know what the soil, plants and turf need. Call us today for your free irrigation analysis.

Sprinkler System Inspection

At BrightWater IRRIGATION & LIGHTING , our number one goal is to enhance your lawn and landscape. In order for us to do this we must do a full inspection of your entire irrigation system. During this process we are going to make recommendations to achieve the most efficient irrigation system you can have. This may include replacing sprinkler heads, valves, moving sprinkler heads, adding zones, changing the controller, installing a new rain sensor, etc. BrightWater IRRIGATION & LIGHTING is well trained in understanding the application of water in relation to the needs of your lawn and landscape. We specialize in repairs, installations, and maintenance. The lack of maintenance is usually the demise of an irrigation system or leads to costly repairs not only to the the sprinkler systems itself, but also the lawn and landscape. BrightWater looks forward to servicing and maintaining all of your irrigation and lighting needs.

So, when is the last time you had your sprinkler system inspected by a professional? At BrightWater, we do this at no charge to you. Take advantage of our free consultation! During our inspection we are going to look at several components that make up the efficiency of your irrigation system. This multi point inspection includes:

  • Checking for head to head coverage
  • Broken pipes and head
  • Broken sprinklers
  • Operation of valves and backflow
  • Adjustments of both the controller and sprinkler heads
  • And most important, Matched Precipitation (MP)

At BrightWater we are very conscious of earth’s most precious resource, water! During our professional inspection we are going to let you know what options you have to enhance your sprinkler system. When doing so we are going to give you more than one option. Call us today for your free multi-point inspection.

New Sprinkler System

At BrightWater IRRIGATION & LIGHTING we will propose a comprehensive plan to accurately water your lawn and landscape. When starting with a new sprinkler system we are able to incorporate many factors that most older irrigation systems don’t possess, without major overhaul. When working with you on this design we will recommend and talk about the importance of hydro-zoning. Hydro zoning is the application of keeping the irrigation zones water requirements similar throughout the zone. For example we want to keep the plants, separate from the turf as they require different amounts of water. Another example would be separating the full sun areas from the shade areas if applicable. These design features can result in less water consumption and better results in your lawn and landscape, if properly designed from the beginning.

Other Factors we consider when installing a new sprinkler system, are the types of sprinkler heads needed. We want to make sure the sprinkler heads share a similar, or exact distribution rate throughout the property. Often times you will see systems with a spray head and a rotor head on the same zone, BrightWater will never do this. The distribution rate is very different and this will result in either over-watering or under-watering throughout the sprinkler system. In addition to the sprinkler heads, our product of choice is the Matched Precipitation Rotators by Hunter Industries, these sprinkler heads will deliver water slowly to the landscape and lawn allowing the water to be received by any soil and plant type.

BrightWater is fully licensed throughout the entire state to repair and install new irrigation systems, (License # SCC131151752). We follow all local and state laws for your new system install. Some things that are mandatory throughout the entire state are, installing a proper back-flow device, rain cut off device, and ensuring all heads are 12 inches away from the structure of the house. These are just a few regulations, and we are able to abide by the current regulations and give you a great irrigation system that will deliver results.

Need Sprinkler Repairs or Upgrades?

We will handle your home with care. Call us today for any of your irrigation needs!

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Matched Precipitation (MP)

At BrightWater we take pride in being WaterStar Certified in the state of FL. One of our goals at BrightWater is to enhance the lawn and landscape, while trying to conserve water. This can be tricky, however it is possible. Some people think that turing the time up on the controller to water longer, will give your lawn and landscape the extra push it needs to look better. This is not always the case, you may have an array of issues. That is why it is good to call for a free estimate. Anytime we do an inspection, we are looking for the opportunity to gain coverage and reduce water use. One way to do this, is using MP Rotators in place of your conventional rotor and spray heads you have probably had for years.

This latest and greatest technology has surpassed all sprinkler heads on the market. When the MP Rotators are properly installed with head to head coverage, you can achieve up to 80% efficiency on the even application of watering throughout the landscape. You may say, why cant you have 100% coverage. There is no such thing unfortunately. Landscape irrigation audits have been recorded for years. These audits are done to observe and record the accuracy of a sprinkler systems efficiency. The audits have proven and produced averages, based on the type of sprinkler heads you have. Your standard conventional spray heads run an efficient coverage percentage of 40-60%, your conventional rotor sprinkler heads run 55-70% efficient, and lastly the new MP Rotators beat them all, at an average of 80% efficiency.

So why are MP Rotators so much better? The MP Rotator delivers a multi rotating steam of water, while achieving water savings. MP rotators have self calibrated matched precipitation, amongst all the MPs on a zone. Every head regardless of its trajectory, length and angle put out the same amount of water. This hints towards the name MP, it’s always matched watering. In addition to the rugged design with only one moving part, the MPs deliver water slower than any other sprinkler head on the market. The distribution rate of the MP is .4 inches in one hour. This is great for Florida, since our soil can only uptake on average, .5 inches of water per hour. Unlike the MP, the spray head will distribute up to 2 inches in an hour, which results in runoff and wasted water, that can’t be absorbed by the soil. It’s just delivered too fast.

It is important that we distribute water evenly and slowly to gain the results we are striving for in the lawn and landscape. Call us today to see how we can outfit your sprinkler system with MP Rotators.

Irrigation and Landscape Lighting is essential in keeping your home and landscape looking beautiful.

Irrigation Repairs

Contact BrightWater Irrigation and Lighting if your sprinklers heads are broken! We repair and fix all types of sprinkler heads, pumps, valves, controllers, timers, pipes, and nozzles. Our technicians take pride in their work, ensuring we meet your satisfaction. We offer the following repair services to our customers…..

  • Sprinkler head repair
  • Rain Sensor replacement and installations
  • Backflow installations
  • Sprinkler and Lighting Controllers/Timers installations
  • Pipe repairs
  • Nozzles replacments
  • Valve repairs
  • Upgrade system to water saving sprinkler heads
  • Irrigation Maintenance
  • Valve Locating

Being certified and partnered with Energy Star we take pride in water conservation. Have a free estimate on upgrading your system with water saving technology. We will be more than willing to help you conserve water while providing your lawn and landscape with the proper amount of water. For some time now we have been installing Hunter MP Rotators (water saving sprinkler heads) that traditionally can save up to 30% on your water consumption, while increasing the efficiency of your sprinkler system. Call today to learn more about these benefits.

If you are looking to just have some minor repairs done, a maintenance check, or want to install all new water saving heads, we have you covered at BrightWater Irrigation and Lighting. Call today for a free consultation and water consumption analysis.

BrightWater Irrigation and Lighting is the areas leading irrigation and lighting company of choice. With our wonderful 5 star rating on all platforms we strive to make all our customers happy with their irrigation and lighting repairs, installation, and maintenance services. When it comes to irrigation installation we only offer water saving technology. This is our commitment to water conservation and your water consumption. We are able to create a healthy lawn and landscape by using the most advanced sprinkler heads on the market. Our irrigation installations are done to all state and local codes, laws, and ordinances. We use the water saving and high uniformity irrigation heads, Hunter MP Rotators, on our all irrigation installations. We specialize in post construction irrigation system, so if your house was built, and didn’t come with a sprinkler system, we have you covered. Call us today for a free quote.