Did you know it is the law to have a working Rain Sensor on your sprinkler system? Not just for new sprinkler systems but also existing ones. Most people think rain sensors don’t work, however by selecting the right rain sensor and installing it in the right location, they work well and will reduce your water consumption. Here at BrightWater IRRIGATION & LIGHTING we install the Hunter Wireless Rain-Sensor for its advanced technologies over the competitors. This rain sensor has an instant shut off, which will cut the water off as soon as it starts raining. Other traditional rain sensors have to accumulate a preset amount of water before watering is discontinued. This old technology gives rain sensors the identity of a non working device. See below for the reference on the FL law.

(FL statute 373.62) Any person who purchases and installs an automatic landscape irrigation system must properly install, maintain, and operate technology that inhibits or interrupts operation of the system during periods of sufficient moisture.

A licensed contractor who installs or performs work on an automatic landscape irrigation system must test for the correct operation of each inhibiting or interrupting device or switch on that system. If such devices or switches are not installed in the system or are not in proper operating condition, the contractor must install new ones or repair the existing ones and confirm that each device or switch is in proper operating condition before completing other work on the system.