Outdoor LED Lighting by Brightwater Irrigation in Winter Garden FL

With the right design, outdoor LED lighting can completely transform your space. By carving out the edges and shapes of your landscape, you can create an effortless flow that guides guests through your property. 

At BrightWater Irrigation & Lighting, we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional and long-lasting lighting solutions. From creating walkways to adding depth and color, our skilled team will help you build a truly custom design that is tailored to your space and personal style. We bring over 20 years of industry experience to each project, so our experts are prepared to deliver outstanding results with superior LED products. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

Why Use Outdoor LED Lights?

Particularly when compared with other lighting options such as halogen bulbs, LED lights are a beautiful and practical choice for any outdoor space. From their durability to their energy efficiency, they can perform wonderfully for years even in the harshest climates. LED lights are the top choice for outdoor spaces because they offer:

Reduced Heat Output

A scorching lightbulb can cause a host of problems for you, especially if it’s placed outdoors in the hot and sunny Florida weather. From damaged foliage to fire risks, overheating bulbs are the last thing you should have to worry about when designing your landscape. Thankfully, LEDs produce little to no heat, making them the coolest and safest outdoor lighting option on the market.

Significant Energy Savings

Outdoor lights are usually left on all night long, which would make inefficient bulbs a massive expense on your utility bills. However, LEDs can produce bright and consistent light with a fraction of the energy required for other bulbs, such as incandescent or CFL. According to the Department of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, switching to LED lights saved consumers $14.7 billion in a single year alone.

Enhanced Durability

On average, LED light bulbs only need to be replaced once every 20 years. With such a long lifespan, you won’t have to worry about continuously changing your lights or investing in new equipment. Not only will the durability save you money on replacements, but it will also reduce your waste by reducing trash in landfills.

Advanced Control

When designing your outdoor lighting, having control over each individual fixture will allow you to create a truly unique look. Quality LEDs allow you to adjust everything from brightness to color and angle to perfectly highlight your landscape.

Bright and Consistent Light

Perhaps the largest benefit of LEDs for outdoor lighting is the consistently beautiful brightness. With such a long lifespan and strong output, you won’t have to worry about fading, discoloration, or uneven lighting. Instead, your lights will continue to shine gorgeously for years to come.

FX Luminaire Landscape Lights

There are thousands of LED landscape lights available on the market, but not all are built to high standards. At BrightWater Irrigation & Lighting, we proudly use FX Luminaire Landscape Lighting products to provide you with a truly exceptional system. They have been the industry leader in outdoor light manufacturing for over 30 years and offer a stunning selection of innovative designs. FX Luminaire’s lighting products offer benefits such as:

  • Advanced digital lighting control
  • Elegant and versatile fixture designs
  • Highly durable materials for all climates
  • Zoning, dimming, and color adjustment
  • Ability to create a spectrum of 30,000 colors
  • Enhanced energy efficiency
  • Glare-free illumination

LED Landscape Light Installation Services

Ready to upgrade your property with beautiful outdoor LED lighting? The experts at BrightWater Irrigation & Lighting are here to help! Our skilled team has over 20 years of experience with creating stunning and long-lasting LED landscape lighting systems for homes and businesses throughout Florida. From drawing up a breathtaking design to calculating the correct voltage, our experts will go above and beyond to craft a safe, optimal, and truly unique lighting plan.

Ready to get transform your space with stunning outdoor lights? Schedule your free consultation today! We also offer free demo kits so you can try it before you buy it. Just give us a call to get started.

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Outdoor LED Lighting in Winter Garden

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